Tuesday, September 27, 2016

We are gearing up for a new exhibition of new work by Dusty Griffith, which opens Thursday October 13, from 6-8. Dusty will be present on the night of the opening, and the new work will hang through November 12. We hope you can join us for a glass of wine, passed light bites by Soiree Catering,  good company and great art conversation!

We are also very exited to have been featured in the October issue of Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles. One of our favorite interior designers, Barbara Westbrook and her fabulous team, gave Pryor Fine Art, and Dusty Griffith a wonderful mention! Westbrook Interiors did an amazing job with the penthouse residence of the Mandarin Oriental, here in Atlanta. We loved working with the team to outfit this 5000+ square foot home, with amazing artwork by some of our artists, including Dusty Griffith's painting, "The Revelation" (image below). Check out this month's issue, and see the entire spread starting on page 53. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

This week we take a look inside the studio of Lisa Noonis. 

Lisa's work has recently taken a new direction from what she has been painting for the past several years. In this new work, the figure has become abstracted, and the colors have become rich, and saturated. All of these are painted on linen or paper. Lisa has also switched from oils to acrylics and latex. Additionally--in some instances--she is using graphite, or other mixed media. 

Here is more about the new work, in Lisa's own words:

Lisa Noonis: New Paintings

As an artist, I work in a constant state of experimentation and discovery. While this is a challenge on many levels, it forces me to go beyond what I think I know.

In this new series, I set out wanting to make larger-scale paintings that would hold together and maintain my love of color, form, line, and design. The resulting work leans further into abstraction without fully abandoning representation. These paintings hold a visual record of my process that aligns not just with what I see, but what I feel. I maintain a practice of working from life, studies, sketches, and memory. My goal is to exceed the lens of sight, to invigorate the senses, and to distill beauty and meaning from seen and felt experience.

Working larger resulted in transitioning to new materials – acrylic, latex, graphite, and collage – media whose very nature would allow me the freedom to work expressively and without hesitation. I used squeegees, large house paintbrushes, and rags. I hung rolls of canvas and paper directly onto the walls – often 4 or 5 at a time – so I could work on several pieces at once.

Consequently, it’s my work ethic that I am most grateful for. Showing up everyday to the studio (which I lovingly refer to as the “laboratory”) and working with passion and reckless abandon keeps me – and my paintings – moving forward. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Tracey Lane recently moved her art studio from her home in Castleberry Hills, to the funky little art district of Decatur. The large open studio has inspired Tracey to paint larger scale work and to also branch out into more abstract paintings. While still doing the birds and trees, that she is well known for, these new abstract paintings are proving to be very exciting and we can't wait to see what else Tracey comes up with in the next few months!

"My paintings are a celebration of the mystery of nature and the promise and complexity of life that exists in nature. Whether I'm working on a landscape, a bird, or a figure, the work is about the experience of light and shadow, color and texture, the play between the seen and the unseen, between memory and imagination.  My visual language has evolved over the years but I seem to have settled on something that combines my love of abstraction with contemporary realism.

The work reflects a personal history; countless walks in woods among pines, birches, aspens and childhood summers spent on Jekyll Island, GA where live oaks drip Spanish moss and marsh meets ocean.  I am most inspired by the quiet drama of nature; trees bending toward the light, silent reflections, sunlight breaking through clouds.

As with all things in nature, there is that brief moment that says everything.  The bird that suddenly catches my eye through the window, pausing on a branch just long enough for me to get a photograph.  The quality of light and shade in a forest, under a tree, or as reflected in water.  The flower blooming today that wasn’t blooming yesterday."

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Today we had the pleasure of meeting Richard Painter, and his wife Kate. The couple drove in from their TN home to bring new work for us. We have been fans of Richard's work for years, and we are so proud to represent him and bring his talent back to Atlanta.

Richard's paintings are very unique in that he chars the wood base with a torch, leaving untouched areas of the wood that show through, creating the object and subject of the painting. He then finishes the painting with white pastel to highlight certain areas. Here is more about his work, in his words:

"My work since 1995 has utilized burning. Either rapidly or slowly, everything burns. The stars, planets, rocks, earth, plants and animals, molecules and atoms, quarks and maybe tachyons--everything that springs into tangible existence starts being consumed by the oxidation of time. This idea has informed my work since I first moved from skill building to the "aware expression of idea". I don't know why this is so, it just feels right. (Some say, that I'm really an arsonist at heart and have simply found a polite and productive way to deal with that tendency.) "

Sea Bones, by Richard Painter, 18 x 60, charred wood with pastel

Painter's work as featured in April Issue of Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles
Richard with his new work, at Pryor Fine Art

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

We had a nice visit from TN artist Anna Jaap this week. She brought us two new paintings, and also shared photos of her recent trip to Paris. As she witnessed, there is nothing like Paris in the Spring!

One of the new paintings, "Le Jardin", was inspired by the beautiful gardens and flower shops that Anna saw while on her trip. 

We hope you will browse the website and take a look at Anna's work. Or better yet, come see us in person if you can!

Happy Wednesday!

                                                 Anna & Her husband, Gus, in Paris.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Currently on view in the gallery...

                                                             Peter Burega with Susie Pryor

We had a great evening with Peter Burega, when he came to town on March 24, for the opening of our current exhibition. Also on view are the works of Charlotte Terrell and Anke Schofield.

Here is an installation shot of a new Burega, placed by Pizer Fine Art, here in Atlanta.

To view the exhibion works online, you can click here for Peter Burega, here for Charlotte Terrell, and here for Anke Schofield.

                                                             "Buster" by Anke Schofield


Friday, March 18, 2016

Nancy Legge just made a visit to the gallery, on her way from northern CA, to Washington D.C.
We were thrilled to have this fascinating artist spend the day with us in the gallery.

                                          Photo: Susie and Nancy at the Buckhead Club, in Atlanta.

We have represented Nancy's sculpture for well over 5 years, and we are so proud to carry her beautiful bronzes, porcelains, glass works.

Here is what Nancy says about her work, her inspiration, and her process:
"I have always been drawn to the figure and my current work explores abstraction and its
expressive possibilities.  My process is intuitive.   One of my favorite sculptors, David Smith,
describes this way of working:  “I do not work with a conscious and specific conviction about a
piece of sculpture. It is always open to change and new association. It should be a celebration,
one of surprise, not rehearsed.”

My sculpture was initially fueled by the Stones of Callanish, an ancient stone circle in the Outer
Hebrides of Scotland and more renowned sites like Stonehenge and Avebury in southern
England.  While the current work still draws on these megalithic forms, I also integrate
other materials into my figures -- placing iron directly into the clay, using encaustic on the
surface, and creating environments out of stone or iron.

The fragmented figure is a visual preoccupation for me -- particularly as it relates to the
Japanese idea of “zan ketsu no bi” – finding beauty in something missing.  I draw inspiration
from Greek Cycladic sculpture, mummified forms, and early Maya figures.  Most of my pieces
begin in clay, usually porcelain. I fire in a variety of ways – raku, pit fire and high fire.  I also cast
my work  in bronze.

I am currently developing new work in cast and fused glass, inspired by Swedish glass artist
Bertil Vallien.  While also fueled by the ancient stone circles that influenced my figurative clay
work, my cast glass pieces draw on my interest in smaller prehistoric artifacts – tools, weapons,
medical instruments – ordinary things that were an integral part of daily life."

                 Nancy's bronze: "Muir II". This is currently available for purchase in the gallery.